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Indoor-Restore Community Outreach Program

We believe that corporate support of the community is equally as important as the support of individuals. Companies that do their part to help individuals, families, groups, or other organizations that need assistance to help themselves or help others is key in a business-driven society like the United States. With that in mind, Indoor-Restore continuously does its part to help others.

The Indoor-Restore Community Outreach Program was recently established to coordinate with those who have requested assistance or were recommended to receive assistance by some of the non-profit organizations we have partnered with. This coordination involves our evaluating their situation and needs, then doing our best to provide them support and services to help resolve their situation.

Some of the recent donations include:

  • 2011 Japan Aid for Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery Aid
  • 2012 U.S. Storm Victim Aid
  • 2012 Hurricane Sandy Aid
  • Kist Family Service Donation
  • PBS Fund Drive Volunteering
  • Playgreen Initiative Donations
  • Peterson Family Donation
  • Sunrise Community Donations
  • Taylor Family Foundation Donation

We will strive to continue making a difference in communities around our country and world, not just through words, but through action.

For more information about Indoor-Restore or it's contributions to the community, please call 866-358-3838.




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