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Client Testimonials for Indoor-Restore

Client Testimonials

Below is a sampling of the clients we've served who decided to share their experiences with the staff and management:

Benoy C. - El Segundo, California

"I wanted to take time and let you know that Kristen SAVED THE DAY for me and my family by explaining the procedure and help me deal with my Remediation company. She explained everything technically and the remediation company came back and re did the entire work again just because Kristen was "TECHNICALLY CORRECT".

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the service.


Kathryn A. - Sausalito, California

"You both should know that the contractor was VERY impressed with how Nate and the team left the rooms. He and his foreman also commented positively on Nate's work and his communication.

I thought you should know this because they tell me they often don't find this kind of quality work in some third party vendors they use.

I very much appreciated hearing this and if you can pass this along to Nate and anyone who this might be interested in this feedback."

Matthew W. - Corona Del Mar, California

"This e-mail is to inform the organization of the great job Matt completed on September 5 at the ... property. His work was detailed and exceeded expectations. Please inform his boss not to let him leave your company as he is a valuable asset to the organization."

Robin M. - Laguna Niguel, California

"This is far and away the most accurate and comprehensive report on my case I've ever read. Thank you for taking the time to inspect anad research the facts of my situation."

Vicky H. - San Clemente, California

"Thank you sooo much. I am truly grateful for all the attention to detail, efficiency, quality, and expertise shown by your company. As I was previously a homeowner-in the past, I recall all the hidden damage that can occur in a building that is missed by the human eye. This has been such a learning experience. Your people have been such a blessing and I will DEFINITELY give referrals to use your company."

Steven B. - Lakewood, California

"It was a pleasure doing business with you, your remediation specialists and your company. The professionalism and concerns for my family is greatly appreciated."

Jaunita G. - Los Angeles, California

"I really appreciate the effort your company put into my situation. Your employees are by far the most intilligent people I have worked with.

It was also very comforting that you relayed the facts, not assumptions, in a scientific manner regarding my mold problem. It's nice to see a contractor that presents things in a non-senstational manner.

Thank you so much!"

Trina and Tyre Henderson - Pittsburg, California

"Dear Ms. Cooper,

My son and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your letter, and your expert biological services and skills. We love all of you at Indoor-Restore. You have all been receptive, kind, compassionate, and most of all brilliantly professional. I have already referred four people to you and they are all completely satisfied. I would not hesitate to use your services again if necessary.

If I ever meet anyone that is in trouble with mold, like we are, and they need a competent, professional and compassionate company - the first words that are coming out of my mouth are "call Indoor-Restore Services.

Thank you,
Trina and Tyre Henderson"

Jim - Incline Village, NV

"THANK YOU so much for the courtesies extended, broad treatment and filtration work and sampling performed; a very efficient thorough response.

Thanks again."

Phil and Chris - San Jose, CA

Transcribed voicemail message:

"My son Chris had called a few places before calling you and was very disappointed with what I was hearing. He was very impressed with the customer service from Sean, the specialist who scheduled the inspection.

Max, the inspector who came, was professional, very knowledgably and just a really nice guy."

Maggie Ragoni - Santa Rosa, California

I am so happy with the level of "utmost professionalism" your company provides. It has far exceeded my expectations.

I was not even sure there was a serious problem in the beginning, nor was I looking for one. But after the flooding and sewer backups that were “band-aided” by the property manager, and hearing horror stories from the other neighbors, I knew there was something much bigger here. Educating myself about mold and tenant rights on your website was also a very helpful step through all of this.

I will be moving out of here, but I would still be continuing to suffer through without your help.

Paul W. - Healdsburg, California

Sent from a former client to a potential client:

"Dear Rebecca,

We recently used Indoor-Restore for some remediation work on our newly purchased home in Healdsburg. They responded more quickly than others to our proposal request and also provided a lot more detail on the work to be performed. We also found them to be very efficient and flexible as we encountered changes along the way. Their on site people were very courteous, knowledgeable and took time to explain exactly what they would be doing. They did everything the could to ensure that the project went as planned and as we wanted. When they had finished you could not tell they had been there except for the clearance report and warranty. I sent their final report to the original company that did the air analysis identifying the issue and they confirmed that Indoor-Restore had done exactly what was required to rectify the situation. As you can most likely tell we are very happy campers with Indoor-Restore.

If you have any additional specific concerns or questions please let me know.

Have a great weekend, Paul"

Jim H. - San Francisco, California

"When we were considering buying a 27,000 square foot office/warehouse building for our construction business, my business partners recommended that we have an inspection performed. We contacted your company to schedule an inspection. You sent out an inspector to our site within 24 hours and we had a beautiful report with color pictures within 48 hours. After reviewing the report, we decided that the property had way too many defects. Your inspector discovered defects that we did not observe during our 2 walk through inspections of the property prior to their inspection. You was very thorough and their report was critical to our decision making process. We would recommend IndoorRestore to anyone that is thinking about making a property purchase. They will save you time, effort, and money."

Maki and Stephen - Los Angeles, California


Thank you so much for helping Stephen by getting a crew to come work on Sunday and especially Easter Sunday! We appreciate your hard work and service.

Thanks again,
Maki and Stephen"

Goodwin Foundation - New York

"This Certificate of Appreciation is issued to the staff of Indoor-Restore Environmental Services in recognition of your outstanding efforts, skills and courage in supporting the people of Louisiana affected by Hurricane Katrina. Your contributions, dedication and generosity will be long remembered by those you helped."

Xong - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you for your professionalism all the way through the remediation on our hotel. The management and staff were very impressed."

Yuan K. - Redwood City, California

"My daughter, who is a little over one, was having some issues with breathing during the night. My husband and I were freaking out about all kinds of things from SIDS to whooping cough. It wasn't until we both started having some breathing issues that we began to wonder if it was something we all were being exposed to like chemicals or something we use everyday like shampoo or laundry detergent.

I'm friends with my neighbor and she mentioned that our house had flooded a year back before we moved in. I recalled remembering a musty odor now and again.

We Yelped around and found this company IndoorRestore and ordered an inspection come out and test the air in our house. The report revealed that we had some severe levels of some molds that I had to look up to know what they meant. A woman at their company was also very helpful in describing things for us.

Well, it turned out we had very elevated levels of mold in our air and have since hired IndoorRestore to remove the issues for us. We have scheduled the remediation for next week. So far, they have done a great job with helping us. I will update this review after they're done to give everyone a status update, but otherwise very friendly and professional people to work with."

Tara P. - Rancho Cucamonga, California

"I just can't say enough wonderful things about the 2 young men who worked on our bathroom yesterday. They were so polite and i felt completely at ease with them working in and on our home. (This means the world to someone who is 9 months pregnant currently). I was so pleased that they kept me informed of what they were doing behind that plastic curtain, and they left the bathroom cleaner then when they began. Please let them know how much I appreciated both of them. ( I apologize that i can;t remember their names, i blame the memory loss on the pregnancy).

Thank you again, Your company will be highly recommended by me."

Diana E. - Aptos, California

"I met Bernie at the property yesterday at noon. He tested the house & I was very satisfied with his testing procedures. I do want to pass on to you what a genuine & helpful person Bernie was to me. He was kind & understanding & made a very stressful position for me a little better.

Thank you,

Rachel Wendall - Agoura Hills, California

"We went through several remediation contractors in the bidding process to repair our home in Agoura Hills. After sorting through nearly a half-dozen, we went with Indoor-Restore Services because they had the lowest bid and actually the most thorough contract and explanations. While the worry over "getting what we paid for" crossed our minds, all worries were put to rest in the end. Everything looks great and we can already breathe the difference in the air."

Follow-Up Message:

"It has been about five months since the remediation was completed on our property and everything is still fantastic. I know there are a million other factors when it comes to health conditions, but my son's asthma and troublesome cough has greatly improved. My husband and I also feel like we can breathe easier. I wanted to let you know again how much we appreciate your help."

Dr. Sameer A. - Monterey, California

"Your crew worked out great - fantastic job. Our office is completely renewed and our patients have even complimented us on how clean and fresh our office smells.

Thank you,

Dr. Sameer A."

Amber D. - Antioch, California

"Needed a mold inspection asap for our house that we are trying to close on. Spoke with Ethan who was able to pull some strings and set us up with a same day appointment. Also offered us an expedited lab service and discount. I really appreciated his professional manner. Ethan understood our urgency and took care of business. Thank you Ethan!"

Doug Reynolds - Langley, Virginia

"We are writing this letter of appreciation in recognition of the excellence in service your staff provided to our agency. Throughout the testing and clean-up process we have been no less than impressed with the ability of your field workers and office staff to respond promptly to our questions and special needs, which is a huge commendation for modern businesses.

The instructions we received from your inspectors during and following the remediation have led us to rethink our indoor environmental controls. We will be petitioning to our superiors to renovate these systems to prevent such a situation from happening again.

We will highly recommend your organization to any peers who may experience a situation similar to ours."

Maria Fernando - Los Angeles, California

"I know that when you came to our home you knew little about our situation. Thank you for taking the time to understand what we had been going through health wise with our property and offering the suggestions you did. The report was straight-forward and I believe we will use your company to take care of our mold problem as soon as we meet with our realtor. Once again, thank you."

Paul & Michele D. - Chicago, Illinois

"My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your inspection report. It was very thorough and efficient and we wouldn't hesitate to call you again in the future if we need to."

Chiquy Mejia - San Jose, California

"Dear David, thank you for your help. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you over the phoneas wll. I am amzed by the detail information you provided to me. I am real happy to know that I hired and working with real profesional company."

Victor Romano - Newark, New Jersey

"As a first time homeowner I feel like Stephen and the rest of your staff at Indoor Restore did a fantastic job. Steve answered all of the questions I had, usually before I was even able to ask them. He obviously has done a number of inspections and has a great deal of experience with mold and water damage issues. The repair recommendations were clear in a way that I could understand. We will for sure be using your company to manage these issues."

Kevin P. - Temecula, California (message relayed by staff member)

"I just spoke with Mitch’s client Kevin... at... Temecula, CA. He had an inspection with Walter today and had some comments about Mitch that I told him I would pass on. He asked his wife to call 3 companies and get different quotes. He said one company was local, and the other seemed to offer a less expensive inspection. He said his wife was so impressed with Mitch’s customer service and explanation of our services, that there was no question about which company they were going to choose. She said he was very friendly and seemed to genuinely cared about their issue."

Albert Rogers - Twentynine Palms, CA

"I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to you and your employees for the outstanding job you did on contract ACA45-19-D-1083, Mold Remediation and Renovation of Existing Areas in the Primary Warehouse, 29 Palms, California.

You are your staff maintained an atmosphere of high expectation with regard to quality of construction and level of professionalism. The caliber of which is seldom seen in today's work place. Management of resources and personnel were outstanding as evidenced by the praise from all agencies on this project.

I believe that the outstanding performance can be attributed to the ability of your staff to aggressively and effectively partner, manage and work closely with the staff here. This type of performance is a credit to both your staff and its managers.


Albert Rogers
Director of Building Contracts"

Sarah H. - Houston, Texas

"I want say thank you for the quality inspection. I really appreciate all the time you spent explaining to me every little detail. I was worried that I was not going to understand anything you explained to me, but you took the extra time to break everything down to me in a way I understood. I will for sure recommend you guys to anyone that I know that needs a property inspected. You were very professional and courteous."

Joseph Engelman - San Francisco, California

"I just wanted to let you how much I appreciated your professionalism and respectfulness when you came to my home. Both Rick and I have never had a contractor arrive in our home on time AND take their shoes off immediately at the front door. You were very clear in explaining every question we asked you and we could tell you were an expert in your field. Thanks again despite our test results!"

Richard Stammner - Los Altos, California

"I am writing to let you know that our company was very satisfied with your no-nonsense approach to the remediation work performed at our Los Altos office building. At the time we were under pressure to get work completed immediately, without the luxury of collecting bids. It was only after the work you did that we found out you would have been our best choice anyway. Thank you for making me look good and letting our staff breathe easier. Your entire staff were very enjoyable to talk too and be around during the remediation process."

Taylor Family Foundation - Livermore, California

Sent following our service donation:

"This is SO great. Thank you so much! We would like to recognize Indoor Restore Environmental Services in our program for your donation. We truly appreciate your generosity!!"

Nichole C. - Modesto, California

"My roommate and I were more then pleased with the thorough inspection. Barry was professional, friendly and very helpful. Thank you so very much. Have a wonderful rest of the week."

Stacey F. - New York

"To Whom it may concern,

We are a health and fitness center near downtown. Earlier this year a few of our clients were complaining about an odor in our cardio room. Our owner called Indoor-Restore to inspect the entire building. Their infrared camera discovered water damage throughout the ceiling and walls, with mold growing all over the damaged areas. They were able to remediate the issues within two weeks of our inspection during our slowest days without any alarm to clients. All of the damage has been repaired, including the roof leak that caused this mess and there is no sign of odor. Clients have actually reported that they love the remodel.

Our gym and staff appreciate your help."

Pracy L. - Concord, California

"You are awesome Leandra! Thank you for going the extra mile for us when you didn't have to. If you were here, I will give you a hug. =)"

Claire Walters - Phoenix, Arizona

"Many thanks for your prompt response to my request for a pre-purchase mold inspection. I was extremely impressed with the expertise and comprehensiveness involved in the inspection and the report. My experience with Indoor-Restore has been outstanding. Consider me one satisfied customer."

Vincent S. - Van Nuys, California

"I’m a new customer and I just wanted to inform someone in management that the customer care individual named David representing your company did an absolute wonderful job - very thorough, very informative.

As a matter of fact, I became so comfortable that’s way I am using your company. He showed great patience with me and answered my questions very thoroughly, very promptly. I was very apprehensive, but now I’m very comfortable.

I am very grateful that I chose your company and I look forward to working with you."

The Petersons - Sacramento, California

"Dear Indoor-Restore Environmental Services,

Thank you for your generous support of our family. The generous donation of the mold inspection and remediation will allow for my brother Derick to recover in good health.

The Petersons"





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