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How Indoor Moisture Can Lead to Mold Growth and Water Damage

Moisture & Mold Growth

Moisture is one of the worst enemies your home can have. It can cause your clothes and furnishings to grow mold, ruin interior surfaces, reduce the insulating value of your insulation, cause squeaky floors and nail popping, cause paint peeling and stains on the walls and ceilings and can ruin the structural frame of your house through fungi growth and rot.

Moisture, humidity and condensation can greatly increase the risk of mold growth around a property or within a particular room - This mold growth isn't always visible

Sources of Moisture

Moisture in homes is usually caused by high humidity, plumbing problems, flooding or building envelope failures (leaks in the roof, windows and walls). Several other factors, including lifestyle (showering, cooking, heating and cooling), number of occupants and ground moisture, can affect it as well.

Leaks - A Common Cause of Mold Growth

While all of these factors can contribute to mold growth, the most common and destructive form of moisture intrusion is from a leak. Whether it's slow and goes unnoticed for long period of time or sudden and causes tremendous flooding in an area of your home or business, both are equally as serious and potentially destructive. Slow leaks commonly occur in less visible areas, such as under sinks, behind dishwashers and refrigerators, behind toilets or showers and within walls or ceilings. Sometimes a structural weakness in your exterior combined with long-term exposure to sprinkler or rain water can bring a great deal of moisture into roof and wall cavities, causing extensive water damage and mold growth. Sudden leaks can result from frozen pipes bursting during winter, plumbing failures, construction defects (poor quality building construction), or weather events such as wind and rain storms. Any of these situations can create excessive moisture and the perfect environment for mold and bacterial growth, as well as damage to the property.

Water damage can be devastating to your property's structural integrity and is one of the primary causes of mold growth

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