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Mold removal cost and getting a fair bid for mold remediation

Mold Removal Prices FAQ

Mold remediation pricing can vary from company to company - ensure that you're getting a fair deal by asking the right questions

When you're looking to have mold remediation performed at your property, there are certain questions you should be sure to ask regarding the price of the removal:

Am I being charged a fair price for mold remediation?

There are some variances in mold removal prices that can depend on the company and their practices. If you are concerned about whether or not you are being charged a fair price in your mold remediation bid, send it to us for analysis. We will compare it to industry standards set forth by the Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) and average pricing for each service offered. The industry standard comparison will help determine if all of the services being offered need to be offered for your particular situation. An average pricing comparison will ensure that the price being charged is fair for the services being offered, the area where you live and the technicians, equipment and materials being used.

After the analysis if complete, we will send you a findings report. With this you will be more informed about situation so that you can make an educated decision.

Submitting a Bid for Analysis

We can accept up to two bids for a property at a time for analysis. The review and analysis period can take up to three business days, depending on our workload.

When sending your bid(s), please note on the subject line: "Bid for Analysis/Review". Make sure to include your full name, property and mailing address, e-mail and telephone number somewhere on the documents being submitted. You may submit the information by e-mail or fax.

  • E-mail - Send the necessary files to Please make sure the attachments are in PDF or Word (.doc) format and do not exceed 4MB total in size.
  • Fax - Send the necessary documents to 1-888-390-7502. Please include a cover sheet.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about this process, please call us at 866-358-3838.

For information about finding the right mold removal contractor, visit our Mold Removal Contractor FAQ page.

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