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Post Water or Mold Remediation Restoration Services by Indoor-Restore

Restoration Services

Often, following water damage and mold remediation, areas of a property will need to be re-built or restored to their pre-damage state. This process is known as restoration. Once remediation is complete and the environmental controls and isolation barriers have been removed, the property should be ready for the restoration process. This process may include putting up framing, plumbing, sheet rock, texturing, painting, wiring and electrical work, appliance installation and the installation of fixtures. The amount of work required varies depending on the level of remediation and the requirements and requests made by the property owner.

Typically, restoration involves returning the property to the way it looked prior to the problem that created the need for remediation, but customizations can be accommodated. If a different look or additional features are preferred, the tradesmen retained by Indoor-Restore can restore or remodel your property in accordance with your preferences.

To find out more information about our restoration and reconstruction services for your property, call us at 866-358-3838 or submit an Online Contact Form to receive a return call or e-mail.

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