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Mold Clearance Testing Services by Indoor-Restore

Clearance Testing & Certification

Following fungal remediation, clearance testing/sampling is necessary to ensure that contaminants that were initially found in the property's areas of concern have been removed and are at acceptable levels for occupants. Along with a visual assessment, surface and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sampling is required to have a complete clearance of the area(s), per industry standards. A Certificate of Clearance is issued for the area(s) that pass the clearance testing. This certification is necessary to prove that successful fungal remediation has been completed inside of existing containment areas and to provide documentation proving the remediated areas are safe for occupants to re-enter.

To find out more information about our post-remediation clearance testing and clearance certification service for your property, call us at 866-358-3838 or submit an Online Contact Form to receive a return call or e-mail.


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