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Corporate & Government IAQ Training

It is important for your organization to develop procedures to routinely check your facilities for issues relating to mold, water damage, or airborne contaminants. Often this requires the enlistment of a professional consultant or contractor to make sure the work is done properly.

While professional investigation is important, it can be expensive and time consuming. Awareness of how to properly maintain a healthy structure and knowing what warning signs to look out for should be a requirement for any staff, maintenance or otherwise, as it directly affects all staff, equipment, materials, as well as the building itself. Only reacting to a structural situation when it becomes a problem is not the correct way to keep an organization functioning properly.

Indoor air quality and water damage problems that go unnoticed can lead to:

  • Employee health problems relating to mold/mildew growth
  • Unnoticed equipment and inventory damage
  • Structural damage - sometimes leading to code violations or condemning
  • Interruption of business operations for unknown periods of time
  • Hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in additional repair costs

At Indoor-Restore, our professionally certified senior inspectors, many with over 20 years of indoor environmental testing and remediation experience, can provide instructional training on the subjects of Indoor-Air-Quality (IAQ) and Mold Awareness to your:

  • Building Maintenance / Facilities Staff
  • Janitorial Staff
  • Management / Supervisors
  • Regular Staff
  • Contracted Construction Professionals

This specialty training demonstrates how to control an indoor climate to prevent problems, how to notice problems before or while they are happening, what to do if a problem is noticed, and how to treat basic problems.

We have provided training to numerous California companies as well as California State and US Federal government entities. Our consultants can work on your premises or offsite to provide this training. We have trained small companies with 1-2 maintenance staff as well as large corporations or government agencies with 100-500 personnel.

Some of the types of organizations that we have trained include:

  • State, Federal, and Local Governments
  • School Districts
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants / Franchises
  • Small and Large Businesses / Corporations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Red Cross & Other Non-Profits
  • Other Organizations


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