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Mold and Allergen Testing Services by Indoor-Restore

Mold & Allergen Testing

The method of choice for assessing potential exposure to airborne molds, mycotoxins and allergens in indoor environments involves the collection and identification of particulates and fungal propagules, otherwise known as mold testing and allergen testing.

There are a number of sampling methods available to measure fungal concentrations in the environment. Air sampling is one of the most common methods used to assess particulate and fungal levels in indoor environments. Many studies have related human health effects, such as increases in allergic and asthmatic symptoms as well as other respiratory problems, to airborne fungal spores. As the health effects of fungal exposure mainly target the respiratory system, air sampling is believed to be adequate to represent the exposure. To learn more about the potential health risks from mold exposure, visit the Mold & Your Health section of our website.

Mold testing and indoor allergen testing services provided by Indoor-Restore

Another common testing method is known as source sampling (or surface sampling). Source sampling include methods such as swab, tape, bulk and dust. This method is often used concurrently with air sampling for proper indoor fungi identification.

All of Indoor-Restore's mold testing services are conducted by IEA Certified Inspectors who have received comprehensive training in both classroom and on-the-job environments. Our inspectors are experienced in not only the mold and indoor air quality industries, but with building construction and inspection, as well. This ensures that the assessment and testing being conducted at your home or business is thorough and that any toxic or allergenic contaminants are identified.

For more information about the mold inspection service we offer where mold testing is performed, visit our Mold Inspection service page.

To learn more about mold, how it grows and the species that can pose a health risk, sometimes referred to as toxic mold or black mold, visit our Mold, Allergy & Indoor Air Quality Information page.

To speak with one of our trained staff members about our mold and allergen testing service and how it can help your situation, call us at 866-358-3838 or submit an Online Contact Form to receive a return call or e-mail.


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