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Mold Removal and Remediation Services by Indoor-Restore

Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold remediation is the process by which a trained and certified professional performs the removal and cleanup of mold from an indoor environment, cleanses the air and surfaces of the environment of any mold contamination, then treats the building to prevent future mold growth. The remediation effort is accomplished in a controlled environment using trained technicians, industry-specific equipment and specialized solvents and treatments.

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Prior to beginning the remediation, the affected areas of the property are often isolated from the remainder of the building to prevent cross-contamination of unaffected areas. Often the mold remediation process requires building material, such as walls, ceiling and flooring, to be removed because of their level of contamination and/or degradation from mold and water damage. A custom pre-written protocol is followed based on the situation at the property to properly remove and treat the contaminated areas.

Below are some of the mold remediation processes that may be applied to your property:

  • Insurance Claims Assistance - If your homeowner's insurance policy covers mold remediation, we can assist you with filing your homeowner's insurance claim and work directly with your insurance provider for prompt resolution. Many states allow you, the insured, to have say in choosing the company who will perform the remediation.
  • Containment - If there is a risk of cross-contamination (read about cross-contamination), protective barriers are setup to contain the contaminated areas from affecting other areas of the property.
  • Controlled Disposal - Contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned are removed according to mold remediation protocols. Drywall, carpet and pads, furniture, equipment, clothing and other damaged materials and items may have to be replaced to prevent mold from returning.
  • Air Purification and Treatment - Often the remediation process requires a variety of commercial air purification, dehumidification and circulation machines to be setup and running throughout the remediation. Mold spores, dust, allergens, VOCs, Radon and other gas, and other airborne particulates are cleaned from the environment.
  • Deodorization - Removes and controls odors that result from mold growth and water damage.
  • Decontamination/Contents Cleaning - We can clean and decontaminate a variety of your property's contents that have been affected by mold and/or water damage, including appliances, electronics, furniture, clothing, toys, documents and others. Some porous items may have to be disposed of, but only with your consent.
  • Anti-Fungal Treatments - Following the removal of mold and any building material affected by it, specialized treatments are applied to prevent future mold growth and contamination.
  • Reconstruction/Restoration - After remediation is complete, the property can be restored to its original pre-problem state through reconstruction efforts.
  • After Hours and Weekend Service - We can work around the schedule of your home or business to quickly resolve mold and water damage issues that exist at your property.

Insurance Claim Filing Assistance

assistance with filing homeowner's insurance claim

Our Warranty

Indoor-Restore provides a 10-year warranty on all mold remediation services performed at your property. This warranty guarantees that mold will not return to the areas remediated. This is to provide you with a peace of mind that the work being performed by our company follows strict standards and the highest level of quality.


Indoor-Restore can provide you with an estimate to repair and remediate any damage or contamination that exists at your property. This remediation bid is provided to you at no cost. To inquire about receiving an estimate for your property, call us at 866-358-3838 or fill-out our Service Request Form here.

To speak with a member of our staff about your property and our professional mold remediation services, call us at 866-358-3838 or submit an Online Contact Form to receive a return call or e-mail.

For information about how we can clean, decontaminate and preserve your property's contents, including furniture, clothing, appliances and more, visit our Contents Cleaning and Odor Removal page.


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Indoor-Restore's 10-Year Mold Remediation Warranty