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Rat and Rodent Infestation Removal Services by Indoor-Restore

Rodent Infestation Removal

There are many serious health hazards involving the exposure to rodent feces/urine. Rodent urine contains allergens that may be irritating to those with allergies or asthma that are exposed on a regular basis. In addition, rodent urine can stain surfaces, which can make their presence in your home surely known.

Structural damage to your home is another concern of rodent infestation. Rodents will eat food and chew on property if they find their way into a home. Severe rodent infestations can result in costly structural damage and abatement to remove the contamination and damage. Mice and rats have also been known to chew through electrical wire, which is extremely dangerous and can cause electrical fires.

The following are common infestation signs to look for in your home or office:

  • Rodent fecal droppings and urine. These can be found in areas and paths that rodents travel. The fecal droppings appear as black, soft pellets that have a shine when it is fresh. As the dropping ages it turns hard, dull and disintegrates after a few weeks. Mice, being smaller than rats, can have droppings that vary in size. Mice dropping are usually about 1/8 of an inch in length and rat dropping are about 1/2-3/4 inch in length.
  • Tracks and tail markings. These markings are left behind, and in close inspection, can be identified. These clues are found in normally dusty areas or areas where loose soil is present.
  • Gnaw markings. These markings are another common sign of an infestation or presence of rodents in your home. They are commonly found on the bottom of doors, walls, baseboards, cabinets and many other household building materials.
  • Squeaking. Many times you are able to hear the rodents squeaking, gnawing or climbing. By listening, you may be able to pin-point the possible area of infestation and point of entry into your home.

The effects of rodent infestation on human health can be deadly. Many serious health concerns arise of the by-products and presence of rodents in your home.

Indoor-Restore can respond promptly to rat and rodent situations to provide elimination of the concern, clean-up of any concerns and sanitation and decontamination of any affected areas.

To find out more information about our rodent infestation removal and decontamination services for your property, call us at 866-358-3838 or submit an Online Contact Form to receive a return call or e-mail.


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