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Water Quality Testing Services by Indoor-Restore

Water Quality Testing

Water contamination can be serious and detrimental to your health. Our water sampling encompasses a range of criteria including pH levels, alkalinity, ion levels, nitrates, organic and inorganic contaminate and bacterial analysis — searching for elevated coliform bacteria specifically E-coli and Entercoocus. These are two key bacterium found in fecal contamination and can be isolated from water samples.

Water quality testing services provided by Indoor-Restore

It has been estimated that upwards of 19.5 million Americans become ill each year from water that has contaminates present. These sicknesses can become fatal for some. Many contributors, such as out-of-date pipes, pollution and old treatment techniques can compromise the tap water quality.

It is important to investigate the quality and safety of the water you and your family are exposed to, whether it comes from the tap, an underground tank, a well or other source.

To learn more about water quality and water quality testing in your area and across the country, visit our Water Quality & Contents resource page.

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