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Professional Water Damage Santa Rosa and Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa Services

Water Damage Santa Rosa and Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa

In a city like Santa Rosa, it is important to select the right company with the right professionals to conduct water damage repair and restoration services at your property. Acting quickly and intelligently will make it less likely that serious structural, contents, or mold damage will occur. Indoor-Restore Environmental Services' well-trained and experienced technicians respond promptly so that your water damage emergency gets resolved quickly and properly. Whether the problem is a broken pipe, leaking roof or flooded basement, the professionals at Indoor-Restore will assess the situation and deploy the equipment, tools and manpower needed to mitigate and minimize the damage.

Indoor-Restore is an experienced water damage contractor, providing the Santa Rosa, California area with our services for over 15 years. We have assisted thousands of homeowners resolve water damage situations from start to finish. This includes damage assessment, addressing the source of water intrusion, removing unsalvageable materials, drying out and cleaning saturated contents and materials and rebuilding any areas that require it.

Our professional water damage repair and water damage restoration services in Santa Rosa include:

  • Emergency Water Damage Response
  • Water Damage Mitigation and Assessment
  • Insurance Claim Management and Billing
  • Leak Repair/Plumbing Repair/Roof Repair/Drainage Repair
  • Water Removal/Water Extraction/Flood Water Removal
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging/Infrared Inspection to Detect Hidden Moisture
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Contents Cleaning and Drying
  • Preservation Applications for Artwork, Photography, Clothing and More
  • Document Preservation
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mold Prevention / Anti-Fungal Treatments
  • Odor Removal/Deodorization
  • Air Purification / Filtration
  • Complete Property Restoration to Original State (Water Damage Restoration)
  • 10-Year Warranty on Mold Remediation Services

Water damage removal and water restoration involves a series of steps and protocols that should be followed to ensure success. The general steps include:

  1. Identifying the Source of Moisture Intrusion and Repair It
  2. Identifying the Type of Water Intruding the Property (Clean, Gray or Black)
  3. Assessing the Extent of Damage and Inspecting the Property
  4. Identifying Any Signs of Mold Growth
  5. Extracting Excess Water from Flood, Overflow or Leak
  6. Drying and Dehumidifying Affected Areas
  7. Applying Deodorization Treatments
  8. Removing the Damaged Building Materials
  9. Inspecting the Walls, Floors, Subfloors and Other Areas for Further Damage/Signs of Moisture
  10. Decontaminating the Building Material and Contents (if necessary)
  11. Restoring the Property to Its Original State

In the Santa Rosa, CA area, Indoor-Restore provides its water damage repair and water damage restoration services to the following zip codes: 95401, 95402, 95403, 95404, 95405, 95406, 95407, 95408, 95409.

Our coverage area also covers these Santa Rosa neighborhoods: Downtown Santa Rosa, West Santa Rosa, East Santa Rosa, Piner, Oakmont Village, Lomita Heights, Lincoln manner, Copperfield, Olivet, Wright, Roseland, Bellevue, Bennett Valley, Rincon Valley, Kenwood, Mark West, Stonegate, St Rose, South Park, Cobblestone, Burbank Gardens and Alta Vista.

While Indoor-Restore provides its certified water damage restoration services throughout the Santa Rosa area, we also have locations to serve you locally in the following areas:

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We are always available to answer your questions and guide you towards an improved outcome. In Santa Rosa, call us at 1-866-356-8433 for more information. You may also e-mail us at any time at If you would like to submit a simple online contact form and have us give you a call or e-mail back, click here to visit the Indoor-Restore Online Contact Form.

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